Special Moments to Capture on your Wedding Day

No one forgets their wedding day ever. Although the main details remain in mind forever, the smaller ones can be forgotten with time. Thanks to the wedding photographs and videos as we can keep every little detail of the wedding ceremony alive by seeing these!

But, the wedding photographer can miss some of the very special moments if you don’t give him the list of things to capture beforehand. You may be a little bit confused while creating this list because every moment of a wedding ceremony is equally precious.

Yet, we know that a photographer can’t capture each and everything. Still, you can shortlist the moments that are super special and must be captured at any cost. So, here we are giving a list of all these special moments.

Hope it helps you in guiding your photographer and creating the best ever wedding photo album.

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The Make-up of Bride:

bride makeup wedding shoot
makeup wedding photoshoot

A wedding has very important moments. Some are rituals during marriage. Some are moments of A bride would never like to forget the moments when she adorns the beautiful wedding dress and put on her make-up along with the accessories. So, the camera person should capture some shots of the bride’s make-up, hair styling etc. as these are very precious moments for a girl.

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Groom Dress-up:

groom wedding photography
best wedding photography

A boy also feels that same excitement while dressing up as a groom. The moments of wearing a tie, shoes and other accessories of the groom should also be captured for memories. For keeping these natural, allow your photographer to take random shots while getting ready.

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Bride Walking Down the Aisle

bride candid wedding photoshoot

Every girl dreams of walking down the aisle before the wedding. This moment is a really special one which she would love to cherish forever. So, the photographer must capture the bride walking down the aisle from various angles.

In addition, the photographer can also capture the groom’s reaction when he sees the bride while walking down. Both the bride and groom should be visible in this shot.

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Couple Close Up Shots during Ceremony

photographers in delhi
wedding photographers in delhi

The bride and groom become super excited, and some couples also become emotional when the wedding ceremony actually starts. Wedding photographer should not miss these shots at any cost.

Instruct the photographer to keep taking shots till the bride and groom says “I do”. To capture the facial reactions of the bride and groom during the ceremony, the photographer must take close up shots.

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The First Kiss

best wedding photographers

The kiss of the bride and groom after becoming husband and wife is of utmost importance. This is yet another must-capture moment. For this shot, cameramen should be ready in advance because some couples only have an abrupt peck on the lips. So, various photographers should capture it from different angles.

Separate Portraits of Bride and Groom

Portraits Bride Photoshoot
Portraits Bride Wedding Photography

Portraits of the bride and groom are necessary because, in these, the whole dress, make-up and style of both bride and groom can be seen. These single photos also serve as the display pictures of the bride and groom for several days! So, never miss on that.

Couple Portraits

wedding photographers in delhi

These are the main photos because these are the very first images of bride and groom as husband and wife together. Some of these shots should be random to capture the essence of the moment. For others, the bride and groom can select the poses to portray their chemistry in the best way possible.

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Family Portraits

friends wedding photoshoot
family wedding photoshoot

Bride and groom are not the only people who look happy and excited on their wedding day. The family members of both the parties are also excited, and they do full-preparations for this day.

So, family portraits are also important. In this, you should help the photographer by assembling all the important family members and creating family poses for the portraits.

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Wedding Party

wedding photoshoot cost

The party actually begins after the wedding ceremony. The photographer should capture the significant moments of celebrations like when everyone holds their glass for cheers, when people dance and sing and when they laugh.

Also, the photographer should remember to capture the bride and groom having their own fun in this full party atmosphere.

The Entry of Couples at the Reception

pre wedding photoshoot
pre wedding shoot cost

The couple’s entry at the reception is also a worth capturing moment. This is the first time when they enter in the reception hall as husband and wife holding hands. The photographer must take shots from different angles to properly capture their excitement and joy while walking together as a married couple.

First Couple Dance of Bride and Groom

wedding photography

There should be various shots of the first dance. The photographer should not only focus on the bride and groom but also the reactions of other guests on their first dance. The photos of everyone dancing along with the bride and groom also look very good. Along with it, the close up dancing shots of bride and groom must also be captured.

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Cake Cutting Ceremony

wedding photographers
wedding photographers in delhi

Cake cutting ceremony is the most significant ceremony of the reception party. That’s why it should be captured. The separate shots of the cake, the shots of the bride and groom with the cake and the shots of cutting the cake should be there.

The close up images of little details like hands holding the cake knife, the candles and the table cover must be captured by your photographer.

Reception Celebrations

wedding photography in delhi

The couple celebrates with the family and friends after cutting the cake. These moments are just before the couple departs for their honeymoon. So, these are the most random moments when the bride and groom mix up with everyone without any hesitation.

The real merriment and joy of a wedding ceremony can be captured during these moments. So, they shouldn’t be avoided.

The Exit of the Couple

best candid wedding photographer
best candid wedding photographer

The last important occasion is when the couple departs from the wedding venue in their beautiful car. They say their goodbyes to family and friends and start their journey as a married couple.

These moments are really emotional for everyone; so the shots of these should be taken. The photographer must capture the shots of the departing car and everyone waving goodbye.



Rajesh Luthra started as a fashion photographer but found his true calling when he started doing wedding photography. He covered his first wedding in 2011 and is now known as one of India's best candid wedding photographers. Initially, Rajesh Luthra started out on his own, but as wedding assignments started pouring in, he increased his team to include other experienced and talented photographers, editors, cinematographers, and more.

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