About Us:

Your wedding photographer should understand how important your wedding day is for you and your family. Only when they understand this, they can look out for the sweetest, most emotional moments and capture them beautifully in their camera.

At The Wed Cafe, we do this every day. We know the significance of marriage rituals, and we capture those moments which happen on the sidelines of the wedding. We capture this raw emotion, package it into a beautiful picture for you, and give it to you to cherish forever.

Our in-house team of photographers, editors, and cinematographers is well-equipped, experienced, and talented. Our dedication to the art of Indian weddings shows at every wedding we cover.

For each wedding we cover, we become a part of the family. We make sure that the bride, the groom, and their families are comfortable enough with us to let their guard down and give us wonderful candid moments to capture.

We started photographing Indian weddings in 2011. Since then, as a testament to our work, requests have been pouring in and people have been kind enough to give us glowing reviews of our wedding photography and cinematography.

Please contact us at +91 92 92 92 05 05 if you would like us to give you the memories of a lifetime on your wedding album.

About Rajesh Luthra:

Rajesh Luthra started as a fashion photographer but found his true calling when he started doing wedding photography. He covered his first wedding in 2011 and is now running the company The Wed Cafe. As wedding assignments started pouring in, he increased his team to include other experienced and talented photographers, editors, cinematographers, and more.

Rajesh Luthra’s favorite part of every wedding is the moments that come out when people aren’t aware of the camera’s presence. They let their guard down, and don’t worry about posing. That’s when we get the best photographs.

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