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What is the point of spending so much money on all of your wedding ceremonies, if it cannot get captured well? After all only these memories will remain till the end of this wonderful journey. 

A wedding photographer is someone known to capture the blissful moments of your special day. You would want to pick the best wedding photographer to capture all the gorgeousness for that day and at a price that would be suitable for you.

While you have so much to do in terms of planning and finalising your wedding ceremonies, we thought to make this part of the process easier for you. 

Being experts in the field of wedding photography, we would like to share insights into how wedding photography packages are made. At the end of this article, you will understand what to include in a wedding photography package that is just right for your requirement.

Keep reading to find out more!


Cost of Wedding Photographers

Before we directly jump into the making of a wedding photography package, you must first understand a wedding photographer’s cost. You should understand a few basic things as to how it works, and how it going to affect your wedding photography package cost.

Wedding photography packages vary from one photographer to another. Why? 

Because these depend on one major factor and that is EXPERTISE or MASTERY of a wedding photographer multiplied to other factors such as below:

  • The number of events 
  • The number of days.
  • The number of working hours.
  • The number of team members.
  • The location (city) of the wedding event
  • The number of wedding assignments that one gets or takes in a year.
  • Kind of lens and camera equipment that one invest.
  • Infrastructure or data storage equipment cost.
  • Other backend expenses like marketing, advertising, rent, editing software etc.

It’s not a very easy task as it might seem to some. A most common question has been asked so many times, that why wedding photographers charge so much, just for pressing a click button on the camera. The answer is the Timing of that click that matters most. It is going to make or break your wedding day. So it is one of the important parts of the Expertise or Mastery that affects a wedding photography cost.


What do wedding photography packages include?

Now you have known some facts about how a wedding photographer calculate his wedding package for you, it is important to provide him with your requirement information first. Do not enquire about fixed wedding packages as they will not fit your requirements. No two people are alike, so your requirements cannot be the same as well. A small size dress cannot fit someone who is a medium and vice versa. So is the case with you. Get it to customize and fine-tune it according to your individual needs.

There are 2 elements of a wedding photography package.

1. Basic Package

A basic wedding photography package includes photography, videography, some edited images, and an edited video for your wedding events. 

Generally, wedding photographers cover the nuptials and other important ceremonies of your wedding events. While depending on the type of event, mostly it is 4 to 8 hours of photography and videography coverage per event, that you get in a wedding photography package. So ask your shortlisted wedding photographer to make a basic wedding photography package and add-ons package separately for you,  so that you can compare the basic package with other shortlisted wedding photographers package. This way you will not get confused with who is giving what.

PS: Most wedding photographers have a crew that works with them on events. That may include junior or senior photographers, candid photographers, videographers, and cinematographers.

Focus more on the quality of photographs and videos one produces rather than the number of team one gives.


2. Add-ons Package

Add-ons could be like:

Pre-wedding shoot

These days a lot of couples prefer doing a pre-wedding shoot. This is optional. However, some photographers include it in the wedding package while some do not and charge additionally.

Wedding Teaser or Short film

Teasers and short films have a lot of crazes these days and are done very innovatively. These short videos are not necessarily a part of the package for all photographers but it could be added at an additional cost.

Wedding Album

Most photographers include a basic and traditional wedding album into the wedding photography package. The album can then be customized as per personal choices at an extra cost.

Other Add-ons can be Drone, Live to stream, E- Invite, Whatsapp Invite,  Posters of Couple or a Family Portrait, USB Stick or a Hard Disk etc.


Cheap Wedding Photography Packages

Your wedding day is the most important day of your life. A day that would never come again. These days there is a lot of emphasis on the top-notch level of photography. Through these photographs, the couple would be able to go down the memory lane and cherish those moments for a lifetime. Hence, choosing the right wedding photography package for your wedding or special occasion is very important. 

Various cheap wedding photography packages are available in the market as you may also find inexperienced photographers, however, the quality of work and the benefits of the package and after service may not be up to your satisfaction level and you may end up regretting your decision. 


Standard Wedding Photography Packages

On the other hand, a standard wedding photography package would do the required job but would it be done up to the mark? Well, the photographer may have a certain level of expertise and may be able to deliver as per your requirements. This is why it is important to discuss with the photographer what are your requirements and what is your vision for your wedding photography is. If it suits the bet, then a standard wedding photography package could be apt for you.


Creative Wedding Photography Packages

If you are looking for a wedding photography package that is out of the box and also creative as per the latest trends then a creative photography package would make sense as only a creative and experienced photographer would be able to deliver this with 100% satisfaction.

Take your own time and decide with your partner as to what are your needs and requirements and then finalise on a suitable package. Do not make decisions in a rush as your big day would not come again nor can you compromise with your emotions for that day.


Pre-wedding Photography Packages

Pre-wedding shoots have gained a lot of popularity these days. It is a fun-filled shoot done before your big day. It is known to be the time you’ll both be yourselves and get clicked without thinking much. Couples these days opt for theme-based shoots to romantic ones to even fun and quirky shots. 

Packages for a pre-wedding shoot mostly depend on the location of the shoot, duration, kind of photography preferred, etc. Many photographers have an idea of picturesque locations and always suggest those for the shoot. 

Few things that are generally included in a pre-wedding photography package would be:

  • A decided number of edited and high-resolution images
  • Travelling cost of the photographer and his team
  • Accomodation for the photographer and his team in case of destination pre-wedding shoots.

Cost of Pre-wedding Photography Packages

We love pre-wedding shoots and we are also sure you would be wondering about how much do pre-wedding photography cost? We are here to answer that! The cost of pre-wedding photography could vary from Rs 10,000 and go right up to Rs 1,50,000 per day.

This cost depends on photographer expertise and your requirement. There could be additional costs when you choose a pre-wedding shoot with a different concept or even with videos.


Candid Photography Packages

Candid photography has gained love from new-age couples very recently. What we love about candid photography is that it reflects the truest of emotions in the photograph. Capturing candid pictures is a skill and not all photographers can do it. People have realised that they want to move away from staged and planned photographs on their big day and rather opt for more natural-looking ones, that reflect the person’s emotions while getting clicked and mostly without them even knowing that they are getting clicked.

At The Wed Cafe, when it comes to capturing candid images, our skilled photographers document your emotions with love and art. 

Cost of Candid Photography Packages

The cost of candid photography is slightly higher than traditional photography as it requires a set of skills and equipment. The price per day for candid photography for your special day could range anywhere between Rs 30,000 to 5 lakh or more. This would typically depend on the expertise of the photographer in candid photography.



Memories from your special day get sealed into photographs and videos that you can cherish for a lifetime. It is very essential to go for a professional photographer as they will let you relive the moments from your big day that may have gone by in a rush for you as a couple. It is imperative to not compromise on the person you choose to capture your wedding as you may find individuals who may charge less but the quality of work would not be up to the mark. You rather opt for someone who would give his best shot and wouldn’t compromise with the quality of work being delivered to you as it is your special day and there is no room for error or re-takes.

All of this shouldn’t be a task for you as we at The Wed Cafe are a team of experienced wedding photographers who aim to bring a smile to your face every time you look back at your wedding photographs and videos. Compromising in quality isn’t even an option for us. Do get in touch with us to book us for your big day! 

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