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Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. This is the day when you start a new journey with the one you love and vow to spend the rest of your lives together. Your families come together to celebrate this union and bless you with all their love. This is the day when Emotions will run high and new relationships will be formed. This is one of those days which should be remembered forever. Your wedding should be captured perfectly, with beautiful moments made immortal by a photographer and his camera.

At “The Wed Cafe“, capturing weddings is our passion. We understand the importance of your wedding day and all the sentiments attached to it. Check out our work covering the complexities and traditions of Indian weddings, and get in touch with us if you would like us to be a part of your wonderful journey.

“We are in the business of Bringing Happiness .”

Rajesh Luthra  (Managing Director)

Pre Wedding Shoots

A pre-wedding shoot is a perfect way to capture your love for each other without any relatives or friends around. It makes for great pictures which you can later frame and keep by your bedside or on your work desk to remember the magical time leading up to your wedding.

A pre-wedding shoot is not just about taking photographs of the couple. It’s about telling your story, no matter how long or short, in a manner that you are most comfortable with. It’s also a great way for you to know your photography team better and for them to have an idea about how to work with you. By the time the wedding arrives, you will be comfortable enough with your photographer to let them do their thing while you have a great time. A pre-wedding shoot will also help you in improving your body language in front of the camera and figure out which colors and what kind of lighting suit you best.

As your wedding photographers, we would strongly recommend a pre-wedding shoot.

best candid wedding photographer

Candid Photography

Whether it’s pure, unadulterated joy or tears of sadness, a candid photographer can capture these emotions in a manner no one else can. Natural and spontaneous in character, candid photography is now a popular medium of photography for all the pleasant surprises it can show when you’re viewing your wedding pictures.

Our candid wedding photographers are talented and well-equipped and will make the perfect team to capture all those precious, unmatched moments during your wedding. These moments can’t be planned, that’s why you need someone who can anticipate them and give them to you to cherish forever. That’s what we do.

Candid Photographers
Tanya- Ashish – La Vie En Rose
Nishant- Sumati – Chapter 1
Farid & Laura 

Selecting Best Wedding Photographers in Delhi 

So, you have decided the wedding venue, decorations and wedding attire, months in advance….but what is the one thing that will remain an everlasting memory of your wedding day? Your wedding photographs should be classic and timeless, photographs that you can look back on and have nostalgia years later. We understand that choosing a wedding photographer is not as easy as it may seem. Here are a few points you can follow while looking for a wedding photographer.

Set up an online video call –  After shortlisting 3 to 5 wedding photographers whose work attracts you, initially set-up a video or audio call with them to see whether they are the right fit or not. This will save you time, money and your energy, especially during corona pandemic. You can also ask for an approximate budget during the call, to get an estimate which will help you in narrowing down your prospective wedding photographer. If everything goes well during the call then you can set up a personal meeting soon.

See their wedding stories – If possible, you should meet your prospective wedding photographer in person and ask for their wedding stories (online or offline). See if their kind of storytelling you would like to have in your wedding. This will give you a better idea about their style of work and whether it matches with what you desire.

Provide inputs – Understand, wedding photographers costing also depends on their team size, hours of work, the number of events and the deliverables. Give minute details about your wedding events and what all you have planned and needs to be covered. If you have something specific in mind or a list of must-have shots then do let your wedding photographer know before they have been hired. This can include getting ready shots or images with your bridesmaids or discussing a sangeet performance as an example. Tell them who all are close to you, those who should be in your photographs, and whose reactions you would love to see in prints (album, poster or picture frames).  Don’t hesitate and just speak your mind.

Deliverables timeframe and cost– Your wedding photographer should be able to advise when you are likely to get the final output and what deliverables you should expect. Ask for exact quotations as well any other wedding package they can offer.

Work is of paramount importance – Your criteria for selecting a wedding photographer should not be that they are your friends or someone known. Work is of paramount importance while selecting a wedding photographer. You might save costs but what if the hired person is not a professional and is not able to deliver final output as you had expected. A wedding is a once-in-lifetime event so you cannot afford to hire someone who is not good at his work. 

Don’t wait till the last minuteWaiting till the last minute to finalise the wedding photographer can be a problem especially if your wedding falls on a heavy date.

Bond with your wedding photographerBasically it’s a two-way advantage, but try to make them a part of your family. Great bonding with your wedding photographer can do wonders with your wedding photographs, and you may never know that this could result in producing some extra innovative photographs.

P.S. Most importantly, hire a photographer who makes you feel at ease and keeps it as real as possible just like the candid moments you have always desired.

Why choose The Wed Cafe for your Wedding Photography 

Each wedding has its own special moments – some that make you laugh, and some that make you cry.  There will be many emotions, which you will miss while you’re getting married, but as a wedding photographers for you, we will treasure those emotions for you. 

As a team of Best wedding photographers in Delhi, we realize the significance of this important day in your life, which is why our team of best wedding photographers would become an integral part of your wedding like your own family. Our best wedding photographers team understand this responsibility completely and will capture those beautiful memories for you.

Over the years, we have handpicked the best wedding photographers of Delhi, the best candid photographers of delhi, and the best wedding cinematographers to cover each wedding elegantly, tastefully, and superbly. It’s teamwork of all these professionals that makes a wedding photography successful. We provide seasoned wedding photographers as well as young talent with the latest equipment and editing software to give you the latest wedding photography trend.

We, at The Wed Cafe, pledge to make every endeavor to give you the best possible candid pictures and cinematic videos from your wedding, wether it’s a destination wedding or its in your own city.  The Wed Cafe make sure that you’re happy with the outcome. 

Wedding Blogs

FAQ’s To Ask A Wedding Photographer During The Pandemic

Choosing a wedding photographer is daunting enough and doing it while planning a wedding can be quite a task. However, we feel that asking questions helps while narrowing down to the best wedding photographer for you, which is why we always welcome couples to ask more and more questions. Having worked with dozens of clients over the years, we have compiled a list of questions that we are often asked and you should also ask your prospective wedding photographer. From whether you need to provide them with food to when to expect your photos back, we have got all the questions you need to ask your photographer (but might forget to)