Beautiful Ways to Amp-up your Wedding Photos with Flowers

Any wedding is incomplete without decorations, and Indian décor can’t happen without flowers. That’s why we get to see lots of flowers of various colours in any Indian wedding. Indeed, flowers add the necessary fragrance, beauty and charm in the wedding décor.

These flowers can also make your wedding photographs more beautiful if the photographer makes the right use of it. Yes, you can guide your photographer about how he should take pictures featuring colourful flowers to amp-up your wedding photos.

But, how can you provide this guidance when you are clueless about the topic. Well, we are here with the ways in which your photographer can use flowers to beautify your wedding images. Let’s have a look:

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Flower Burst Shots

wedding photographer in Delhi

There are moments when people shower flowers on the bride and groom in an Indian wedding ceremony. This happens especially during the entry of the bride and groom or when they exchange the wedding garlands on the stage. So, the wedding photographer should capture this flower burst moment.

These shots look magical because the flower petals appear to be floating around the bride and groom in these shots. In addition, the flower burst shots can be created, especially for the photographers by showering flowers on the bride and groom at the time of capturing shots.

Bridal Shoes or Accessories with Flowers

marriage photoshoot in Delhi
wedding photographer in Delhi

Usually, photographers capture some shots of details like the jewellery or shoes of the bride before she wears it. To make these shots interesting, you can keep these accessories in a beautiful tray which is decorated with flowers.

These images of mere objects become really aesthetic with elements like flowers. But, remember that such shots suit bridal material more than the groom’s accessories. So, don’t think of keeping the groom’s shoes with flowers.

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Wedding Invites with Flowers

pre wedding shoot in delhi

People also like to add some pictures of their wedding invites in the wedding photo album. If you are also planning to do the same, then you can use flowers to make the shot beautiful.

For this, you can cover the table with colourful flower petals and keep the invites on it for the images. Also, you can keep one-two big roses around the card to make the image more attractive. Choose the colour of these roses according to your wedding invite’s colour combination.

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Add Charm in Bridal Portraits with Flowers

wedding photography
bride wedding photoshoot

Bridal portraits can be made more beautiful with flowers. The bride can use the flowers or a bouquet of it as a photo prop. She can hold it in hands or close to her face for the close-up shots.

The photographer can invent many more beautiful bridal portraits with flowers. In this way, the hands of the bride also won’t look empty.

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Use Flowers in the Couple Portraits

pre wedding photoshoot cost
pre wedding photoshoot cost

Don’t add flowers in the groom portraits, but you can use them to beautify the couple portraits. The groom can sit on his knees, holding the flowers for the bride. Other shots may include a rain of flower petals on bride and groom or both of them playfully throwing flower petals on each other.

The photographer can also take closer shots of hands of both bride and groom holding a flower bouquet. In this way, he can focus on the engagement rings, the bridal mehndi as well as a romantic bond between the couple.

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Make Family Portraits Amazing with Floral Backdrops

family wedding photoshoot

You can also decorate a few walls at your wedding venue fully with flowers. These walls can serve as your photo booth in case you are not installing one in your wedding venue. These walls can become an amazing backdrop for couple and family portraits in the wedding ceremony.

The best part is that these floral backdrops are much affordable than the big photo booths. Plus, they make the images look grand, beautiful and eye-catching.

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Henna Shots with Flowers

best candid photographers
best candid photoshoot

Henna is yet another important element of the wedding ceremony that can be beautifully portrayed with flowers. Henna is a herbal dye prepared out of plants, so portraying it with flowers will look perfect.

The photographer can take images of henna powder along with big flowers on the mehndi ceremony. The paste of henna can also be captured showcasing one hand of the bride with henna and some flowers around it.

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Capture the Wedding Rings with Flowers

best wedding photographers in delhi
best candid photographers

Wedding rings are indeed one of the most significant elements of the wedding. So, you may want to have a few pictures of these in your wedding album. Having the images of these in ring boxes will be too general so it won’t be that much appealing.

On the other hand, showcasing these rings by tucking them in the middle of a big rose will look creative as well as beautiful.

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Beautify Haldi Ceremony Shots with Flowers

candid photographers in delhi

The images of the Haldi ceremony can be made much more appealing by adding a little bit of flowery touch. Usually, the bride wears flower made accessories on this day. So, the photographer can capture the shots of flower earrings, handcuffs and flower garlands of the bride.

In this way, he will be able to show the Haldi-covered bride with some different colours of flowers. The combination of yellow Haldi and blue, pink or red flowers look attractive in the images.

Capture Flower Décor of the Car

best candid wedding photographer
best candid photographers

The bride and groom sit in a decorated car after saying their goodbyes at the end of the wedding ceremony. Usually, this special car is decorated with a few flowers. The photographer can focus on flowers while taking the exit images of bride and groom.

For example, he can take shots of the whole car after the bride and groom sit in it. In this way, the flowery décor plus the couple would be visible in the image. Also, one shot can be taken when the groom opens the gate of the car for the bride. The focus on gate décor plus the hand of the groom will make this shot awesome.



Rajesh Luthra started as a fashion photographer but found his true calling when he started doing wedding photography. He covered his first wedding in 2011 and is now known as one of India's best candid wedding photographers. Initially, Rajesh Luthra started out on his own, but as wedding assignments started pouring in, he increased his team to include other experienced and talented photographers, editors, cinematographers, and more.

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