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Weddings are more like a festival where every moment is visual storytelling. Wedding photography has undergone a drastic change in the past few years.  From traditional to candid, our team believes in making every single bit of your wedding memorable. We know how difficult it is to choose a wedding photographer.  We understand the hard work which goes behind making a wedding ceremony happen, and will seamlessly blend the day-to-day celebrations from haldi to vidaai into a visual delight. We capture those rare, beautiful moments of a wedding which would otherwise go unnoticed. Your big day can be relived and experienced time and again through our wedding photography packages. With our experience and passion, we make your wedding day our responsibility.

If you are looking for a wedding photography team that can capture the whole celebration frame by frame, then call us right away!

Following are the Services that we provide in Wedding Photography

The Wed Cafe team will capture your love story between frames. Our goal with Pre Wedding Photo Shoot is to capture the personality of the couple. These sessions are some of our favourite and so much fun!

Our team will not only help you in coming up with an innovative theme for the pre wedding Photo shoot. We will also help you by suggesting and deciding the location, the attire, keeping in mind what would look best on you. From a romantic theme to a quirky photoshoot. Whatever theme you choose, our team will make sure that it goes with the couple’s personality as a whole.

The Wed Cafe team is passionate about making something special for you. We look forward to being a part of your story!

wedding shoot

Every wedding has a story to tell, how it all started, isn’t it? Every love story is unique and getting a Pre Wedding video shoot done is a perfect way to narrate yours.

Why not recreate your favourite song by adding your own flavour to it?

Or plan a mini-vacation where we capture each special moment creating Pre-Wedding video with a bonus of beautiful memories.

The Wed Cafe team works closely with the couples to make sure we are creating a professional film that tells their unique and amazing love story. We will help you in seizing the real-life moments from your adventures with your partner and relive each one of them every time you hit the play button. Our pre-wedding films are crafted around just the two of you and will complement your wedding photos.

Over the years, our clients have trusted us with countless wedding photography assignments, and as a professional wedding photography company, We have grown tremendously because of them. But even now, each wedding is a unique experience and is evolving with new ideas every year. We prefer to capture wedding moments candidly as it is the only way to catch emotions, expressions of everyone naturally on pictures.  Period.

Candid Photography

You must be wondering how a wedding teaser is different from a wedding film? Wedding teaser creates an air of suspense and anticipation for the main wedding film. It is a short walk down the memory lane that will keep you wanting for more and that is why there are videos and photos to follow. Without revealing too much, wedding teaser is a great way to re-live your D-day and don’t forget to send it across to your friends and family. Our team will capture all your joys, emotional moments, funny anecdotes and everything else will be combined within a 2-3-minute wedding teaser video. With years of experience, the Wed Cafe team will make sure that your wedding teaser stands apart from the sea of trailers available online. We will help you create the concept for your wedding teaser, right from scratch.

We are the Professional Wedding Photographers in Delhi

A wedding may last only for a few days, but it changes several lives forever. Vows are exchanged and new relationships are formed amid all the celebrations and exuberance. A wedding is an event which carries so many emotions with it – happiness, sadness, nerves, excitement, and a lot more. It’s one of the most important days in the lives of the couple and their families.

In Wedding Photography, only professional wedding photographers are sensitive to these emotions and importance of the day and takes ownership of capturing those precious moments.

Families place all their trust in the wedding photographers and their ability to capture every beautiful memory of this occasion. After all the celebrations are done, it’s these photographs that will preserve this momentous day forever.

For the duration of the wedding, a Professional Wedding photographer becomes a part of the family. It is the wedding photographer’s responsibility to make the family feel comfortable in their presence and to open up in front of the camera.

The best wedding photography’s is, that captures the smallest to smallest essence of moments candidly and the big moments with the grandeur that it deserves. At The Wed Cafe, that’s what we do every day. We understand  that wedding photography  should be classic, memorable and candid. There is no point in spending so much of money, if one can not capture it properly.

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