Saahil Shaifali

#Saahilgotshaifalified : A Highschool Lovestory

Their Tale!

Saahil and Shaifali were childhood sweethearts. They went to the same school and coaching class. A lot changed for both of them after school and they lost touch in college until Shaifali messaged Saahil on one of his birthdays and with talking over a period of time, things fell in place for them. 

The Proposal

With Saahil & Shaifali there wasn’t any formal proposal that took place. They felt deeply for each other and knew if they were to ever settle down, it would only and only be with each other.

The Theme of The Wedding

The theme of the wedding was ‘All things Floral’ as Shaifali has a fond liking towards flowers.

Wedding Hashtag

The couple decided on keeping it simple yet classy and went with combining their names together along with adding a twist to it. Their wedding hashtag was – #Saahilgotshaifalified


The decor was kept floral and dreamy just like what the couple wanted it to be. They didn’t have anyone in specific that did the decor due to time constraints but the decor was beautifully executed by the venue manager and his team.

Bridal Outfit

Shaifali looked like a doll on the day of her wedding day. She was dressed in a pink lehenga and with very natural-looking makeup. Saahil complimented her bright pink lehenga by wearing a very subtle coloured sherwani.

Groom’s Entry

If you thought that the bridal entry was too much to handle then the answer is NO.

The highlight was the groom’s entry as he stormed inside the hall with the song “Bala Shaitan ka sala” playing in the background.

Bridal Entry & Varmala

Shaifali looked like a princess while she walked down the aisle. To make that look and feel surreal she entered on the song “Afreen Afreen” from Coke Studio and then pepped the mood up a little and the song changed to “Drama Queen”. Well, Saahil believes that the song makes the best justice to describe Shaifali as she is so much of a drama queen!

How did they come across The Wed Cafe, and decided to onboard their services for their big day? Along with a little Testimonial 

Saahil and Shaifali were looking for a professional team to cover their big day and capture all their memories. They did a lot of research and found many vendors with great photographs also. But somehow it clicked best with Rajesh and the team of The Wed Cafe. 

The couple mentioned that talking to Rajesh Ji instantly cleared their head. They had an answer right away because Rajesh and his team helped them to look at the overall picture, deciding the optimum number of people and setups.

Tips From The Couple

While you are planning your wedding, here are a few golden pieces of advice from the couple themself that may help you on your journey.

Do not rush into buying your wedding outfit. Take some time and do some research.

You may be fascinated by big designers and even bigger price tags, however, listen to your inner voice and choose something that you have always dreamt off.

A smile is the most beautiful accessory! Don’t forget to carry it at all times.

At last, enjoy your wedding to the fullest and create the best of memories that you can cherish forever.

Every love story is beautiful, but yours will always be your favourite!


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